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Ready, Steady, Go GDPR!

On Friday May 25 2018, the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legislation comes into force. The GDPR is one of the largest and furthest-reaching sets of data protection and privacy laws to come into existence and it will affect all businesses that handle the consumer data of EU citizens. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, how big or small your business is or what your sector or industry is; if you have access to the data of EU citizens, you will have to comply. (more…)

7 Digital Marketing Myths That Need to Die

It’s incredibly hard to succeed in the realm of digital marketing. At first, you might think that it shouldn’t be hard since almost everyone uses the internet and you can reach a nearly infinite number of people. However, the internet’s vastness also means that you have hundreds of other competitors who want the same amount of traffic. (more…)

Supercharge an Email Marketing Campaign with Improved Personalisation and Deliverability

If you are aiming for greater click-through rates, higher conversion rates, and increased turnover, personalisation is a major factor you can’t afford to ignore. Personalised images and texts will make your email marketing stand out from the stack of mail that inevitably lives in your ideal customer’s inbox.

On top of that, you need to make sure that your deliverability is up to scratch. Without good deliverability, your ideal customer could easily miss your email altogether. (more…)

10 Essential Marketing Automation Tips for Online Brands

As digital marketing strategies get ever more demanding, brands are expected to increase their spending on automation in the coming years. However, while marketing automation is becoming increasingly important for meeting content publication, social media posting and email marketing schedules, many brands risk losing their voice to it. As such, the term ‘marketing automation’ makes many marketers anxious, and it’s far easier to end up annoying the consumer market through a robotic approach than to uphold your brand’s voice and continue to build up its reputation. (more…)

B2B Companies Are Betting Big on Content Marketing

If recent trends are any indication of what the future holds for B2B sales, content marketing is going to be a larger part of the overall strategy for the foreseeable future. Still, they aren’t convinced that they will be able to make it work. Here are the biggest concerns of B2B management and ways that these concerns can be eliminated. (more…)

Five Ways to Develop a Marketing Strategy in the Digital Age

Developing the perfect marketing strategy can be difficult, and making a digital marketing strategy can be even harder. Here are some ways to get the word out about your brand and reach more readers or customers in absolutely no time!

Be You

As the old saying goes, always be yourself. Digital media such as Twitter, Facebook, and email can be just as effective as face-to-face interactions if you interact properly. Your potential audience wants to know the real you, not some fake personality that you made up. Try not to sound too robotic, let your unique personality shine through. It is also really important to always respond to your audience’s questions and comments. Be personable and great things will come to you and your brand! (more…)

Pinterest – The Most Important Social Media Platform for Business?


Anyone who wants to stay in business today will have heard that it is necessary to be active on social media platforms to enjoy success. However, while Facebook and Twitter appear to be the preferred social media platforms for business, there is another that may be capable of delivering even better results. That platform is Pinterest.

What is Pinterest and who uses it?

Pinterest relies on images to engage its users. The idea behind the platform is that any web user who comes across an image, photograph or other type of graphic they like, can “pin” it to a “board” on Pinterest and share it with others. Boards are categorized according to subject, and once shared, can be filled by anyone in the Pinterest community.

It was once thought that Pinterest was only used by women, and while 83 percent of its users in 2012 were female, this demographic is changing as more businesses realise the platform’s potential. Pinterest is expected to have more than 47 million users in the U.S. alone by the end of 2015. (more…)

Is Twitter a Waste of Time as a Marketing Tool?


Many business owners genuinely believe that marketing on Twitter is a waste of time. They do not understand its real value. Modern companies should accept social media’s potential impact on business and embrace it. In fact, they should make it one of their main marketing avenues. Here is an overview of the power of Twitter and how it can increase your return on investment.

Sharing on Twitter

Twitter is more than just a broadcast channel. Sharing on Twitter is a gateway for potential customers to enter your business world. It is a medium for you and your clients to interact. 

With Twitter, retweeting is just as important as tweeting. The key to retweeting and sharing is engaging your followers. Once engaged they will share your tweets, which expands your web of followers.  (more…)