Many business owners genuinely believe that marketing on Twitter is a waste of time. They do not understand its real value. Modern companies should accept social media’s potential impact on business and embrace it. In fact, they should make it one of their main marketing avenues. Here is an overview of the power of Twitter and how it can increase your return on investment.

Sharing on Twitter

Twitter is more than just a broadcast channel. Sharing on Twitter is a gateway for potential customers to enter your business world. It is a medium for you and your clients to interact. 

With Twitter, retweeting is just as important as tweeting. The key to retweeting and sharing is engaging your followers. Once engaged they will share your tweets, which expands your web of followers. 

Conduct checks every morning and retweet a few of your follower’s tweets, especially those which have some relation to your business. In addition, automatically sharing news on Twitter allows potential clients to recognize what you do.

Shout-outs: Giving credit where credit is due

Another way of engaging Twitter followers is by giving shout-outs. Twitter followers want to count. They want recognition for their hard work when they read your articles and updates, so reaffirm that you are listening to keep your engagement rate buzzing.

By showing that you think about what your followers want, you can increase your popularity in the Twitter community. Your followers will appreciate your engaging them and it gives your social media campaign a more human feel.

When you receive a blog, article or an event from a follower, give a shout-out to the person who shared it. Consider tagging other users you think can identify with the information, to increase the reach of your post. 

Twitter for monitoring

There are always people on Twitter talking about different services and products. And you must be involved in some of those conversations, whether good or bad. You must be there when individuals or companies engage in discussions that concern you, your business and your industry. 

Monitor online conversations to see where you must get involved. Thanks to Twitter’s excellent real-time communication with prospects and clients, it is an invaluable tool for customer service, sales and reputation management.

B2B – Twitter as a marketing tool

According to B2B (business to business) sector information provided by

  • Companies using Twitter average twice as many leads
  • 63 percent of marketers say Twitter is valuable, important or significant to their company
  • 75 percent of B2B companies are likely to use Twitter (compared to 49 percent of B2C)

Twitter has a huge influence on the social media marketing world. Given that daily Twitter users are between two and four times more likely to review products, upload videos, and perform other social behaviours, Twitter is critical to the success of any modern business.