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Digital Republic was selected to partner with Bloomsbury Square to launch a mobile friendly eCommerce site

Bloomsbury Square are a new business who specialise in sourcing and selling the finest quality dressmaking fabric. As a new business, Bloomsbury Square required a digital partner who could provide the knowledge and skills to deliver a solution that enables them to scale their business as it grows over the coming years.

Digital Republic have extensive eCommerce experience using a variety of platforms. For Bloomsbury Square we have developed a sophisticated, bespoke WooCommerce solution that gives them the presence and flexibility to engage with users on many levels. The site is fully responsive and includes many bespoke features tailored to Bloomsbury Squares requirements.

Fabric is not your average product! Free swatches are available for most products and users needs to be able to order custom lengths of fabric and all this to be managed in the inventory system… A marketing Automation platform was also integrated to ensure future marketing communications can have maximum impact.

This is powered by state of the art hosting to ensure that users got a fast and responsive site whilst being affordable for a new business. It is scalable and easy to extend with a CDN when traffic demands it.

Digital Republic are now working closely with Bloomsbury Square to ensure that the site grows, driving additional traffic and managing PPC campaign and digital marketing platforms.

Bloomsbury Square dressmaking fabric