Internet of things

Internet enabled remote devices

With the advent of affordable computer chips, internet enabling remote devices has opened up a world of possiblities for hardware manufacturers

Jigsaw Building

Getting maximum benefit from the internet of things is like building a jigsaw. A myriad of sensor and control devices exist that can measure temperature, humidity, acceleration, current, voltage, location and then apply logic to control switches, lights, relays, heaters, locks and more.

Devices use technologies to communicate such as wi-fi, Bluetooth, radio frequency, LoRaWAN, GPRS, 4G and others. Choosing the right protocol is important to balance range, battery life and other environmental factors.

Connecting device measurements and control messages is crucial to building a reliable system which can be tolerant of connectivity, secure and safe. Protocols such as MQTT and AMQP can be used to improve reliability and de-couple parts of the system from each other to scale and remain cost effective