iOS and Android apps

Distribute your application to global audiences

With modern application building technologies, Digital Republic can offer native or cross platform hybrid application builds. Dependant on the nature of your project, we can help target your users utilising all mobile device specific features. With Cloud API’s and storage backing up your solution, either approach can work together with your existing systems.

Native & Hybrid

To suit the project

Which approach you use should be governed by the project requirements, not the skills on tap. At Digital Republic we have experience in delivering both Native and Hybrid apps so we can advise on the best solution


Dependable deployment

Managing and deploying mobile applications is a complex area. To create a stable and reliable solution to make product iteration easy and simple requires expertise that Digital Republic have accumulated over many projects.

Device Capabilities

Hardware Choice

Choosing the right device is critical to get sustainable and economic capabilities that match your use case. We have experience in matching device to requirements across multiple ecosystems including Android and iOS